2016 Avon Youth Volleyball Camp

2016 Avon Youth Volleyball Camp

This year's volleyball camp will be run by the head varsity coach, Scott McQueen. Coach McQueen has 17 years head coaching experience, including 2 State Championships (2012 & 2013) and 2 State Runner-Up appearances. He also has coached at the club level for 17 years. This year's camp will be run at the high school gymnasium from July 11-15, 2016. Learn More >

Download and Print Registration Form (PDF)



To participate in an Avon High School activity the following items must be completed:

1. Pre-participation Physical Evaluation

The IHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) is the first and most important step in providing for the well-being of Indiana’s high school athletes. The form is designed to identify risk factors prior to athletic participation by way of a thorough medical history and physical examination. The IHSAA, under the guidance of the Indiana State Medical Association’s Committee on Sports Medicine, requires that the PPE Form be signed by a physician (MD or DO) holding an unlimited license to practice in the State of Indiana. In order to assure that these rigorous standards are met, both organizations endorse the following requirements for completion of the PPE Form:

  1. The most current version of the IHSAA PPE Form must be used & may not be altered/modified in any way.
  2. The PPE Form must be signed by a physician (MD or DO) only after the medical history is reviewed, the examination performed, and the PPE Form completed in its entirety. No pre-signed or pre-stamped forms will be accepted. PPE must be performed on or after April 1, 2016 to count for the following school year.
  3. SIGNATURES (This is new for 2016-2017)
    • The physician signature must be hand-written. No signature stamps or pre-signed forms will be accepted.
    • The Physician signature and license number must be affixed on page two (2).
    • The Parent signatures must be affixed to the form on pages one (1) and four (4).
    • The Student-Athlete signature must be affixed to pages one (1) and four (4).

Once completed please return the completed form to the athletic office. Please make a copy of your pre-participation physical evaluation for your records.

Download PPE Form (PDF)



2. Online Documents - eSignature

Avon Schools has worked to streamline the process of accessing required documents and accepting signatures online. The updated process will allow ACSC to be more efficient and save valuable resources. E-Signatures for the 2016-2017 school year will be available after May 2nd, 2016. Please follow the steps to complete the required online documentation:

  1. Parent - Have your student's student ID number accessible.
  2. Parent & Student - Access Online Documents - eSignature link at:
  3. Parent – Download and read the forms that pertain to your child’s activity
  4. Student – Download and read the forms that pertain to the activity you are participating.
  5. Parent & Student – Access eSignature page and sign as directed.



Valerie Teets
Athletic Trainer
317-544-5000 x5048

Jean Badten
Athletic Secretary


NCAA / NAIA Eligibility Information

The eligibility of Avon student-athletes for competition in collegiate athletics is a joint effort of the student-athletes/parents, coaches, Athletic Department, and Guidance Department. In order to be eligible to play Division I or II college sports, students must meet certain academic standards in core course completion, GPA in core classes, and SAT/ACT scores. Students need to find the best academic and athletic fit! Learn More >

IHSAA Athletic Eligibility & Participation Rules

A Basic Guide for Schools, Students and Parents

Your high school years will provide some of the most memorable and enjoyable moments you will ever experience. Competition in interschool athletics is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which will influence you forever. Your participation in high school athletics is dependent on your eligibility. Keep that eligibility. Read the following summary of Indiana High School Athletic Association rules which govern your participation. Review the rules with your parents/guardians. Ask questions of your principal, athletic director/s and coaches.

IHSAA Eligibility Guide

IHSAA Participation Rules